Well, I like the bike a lot and I ride it to work every day. Before doing any restoration of the Miyata One Hundred I was riding it.

Miyata One Hundred, 1987
Miyata 100, 1987

Therefore is also easy to notice all the problems it has. The main big problem is that is didn’t come with proper brake levels, but some shitty levels for a straight handle-bar. I will fix this,for now I have a front brake and try to take care when I ride it.

Japan L chain on Miyata One Hundred
the dirtiest chain I saw in ages

but in the meantime I noticed the shifter is not working properly and the dérailleur keeps pushing the chain to the smallest cog, while the front dérailleur is pushing it out of the smallest  chain-ring. While I had to put the chain back several times I noticed how charged and dirty the chain is.

dirty bicycle chain
dirty bike chain


So tonight I decided to take it down and wash it.
I poured diesel into a can of beer, put the chain in, waited about two hours, while I was cutting the chain off my other Japanese bike, a Centurion Super Le Mans. After I cleaned it with water and a little bit of citric-smelling degreaser, it looked like this:

cleaned chain of the Miyata 100
The same chain after cleaning. Clearly visible the writing “Japan”, the L logo and the numbers 6 8

cleaned chain