As far as I could find on the internet, MCB stands for Monark Crescent aktiebolaget

I got this bike on, the Swedish eBay and for a long time didn’t have time for it.  However, now its time has come.


I searched for similar bikes online, but couldn’t find many. Similar bikes were produced under the brand Monark, like this ones:

What I would like to do is:

  1. replace the tube on the back wheel – done
  2. add missing spokes and true the wheels, as much as possible
  3. clean and polish the metal plates: fork, handlebar, stem, rims and maybe spokes
  4. remove or replace the mudguards
  5. replace the ugly saddle
rust took over the fork
rust took over the fork
rusty fork
rusty fork
Cleaned fork
Cleaned fork, 30 minutes later


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