Finding the vintage Bianchi Rekord.

Sometimes you go to search for the bikes, other times, they come to you. With the Bianchi it was a little bit of a miracle 🙂 . One colleague from the job, knowing that I have a passion for vintage bicycles, told me ones that there are two bikes abandoned in the garbage room of his building. At first, I ignored him, thinking there are some crappy bikes and anyway we don’t know if they are rally abandoned.
Then, one or two weeks later, he sent me a picture and when I zoomed it I was stunned: the white bike was a Bianchi.

We double checked with the building administration, indeed the bikes where thrown at th garbage since no-one claimed them in a loooong loong time. The other bike is most probably a Univega that my friend started to renovate.

Bianchi Rekord 841
Bianchi Rekord 841


After long research I concluded the bike is a Bianchi Rekord 841s.


TTS frame, Tubi Trafilatti Speciali
Wheels: 28 inch, Hubs: Ofmega. Aluminum rims , Ambrosio 19 Extra Super Elite.
Tires: I found it with 25-622 from Michelin (rear) and Wolber (front)
Head set: 1” Ofmega
Handlebar: ITM (Italmanubri)
Fork: original, made of chromed steel

Brakes: Modolo Corsa
Crank: Thun Forged, Bianchi, Made of aluminum, 42-52 teeth, length of arms – 170mm
Seat post: made of aluminum
Derailleurs: Campagnolo
Shifters: Campagnolo, Record
Brake levers: Modolo Corsa


The restoration project is still ongoing, but there are not too many things to change. I started by cleaning the gears and the cables. Then I considered changing the tires, they are worn out, especially the rear one. Also, a new (I mean old) saddle was added.
The front tire is holding and, despite me having the second whit tire, I didn’t change it because it was soooo difficult to remove and especially to put the rear tire back on the rim.

6 thoughts on “Bianchi Rekord 841”

  1. Hi

    Great frame, i`m using a rekord as my principle commuter bike, and i would like to have more info, since i only bought the frameset with an ITM handlebar- steam, and the ofmega headset.

    Are this bikes Italian made? or bianchi licensed the production to asian by this time?
    i can send you pics
    The rear wheel is vintage size? 126mm wide hub?
    i put a 8v synchronized tiagra shifters and those 4 mm are really annoying

    1. hi Cristian,
      Thank you very much for your comment
      To my knowledge, the Bianchi bikes that aren’t painted in Bianchi Celeste colour, are not produced in Italy. There not nothing written on the rear wheel hub, but I guess is a 126 mm wide hub. I should measure and tell you 🙂

      How is the Tiagra shifters working with the 6 cogs, did you manage to set it to shift smooth? By the way, looking more careful now I noticed this are “made in Italy” (written on them)

      1. Thanks man
        Tiagra sync shifters work fine with 8, 7 and 6, but you have to adjust the levers properly, i put an 8v cassette on a modern 130mm rear hub, now i found an old 105 HG an UG rear hub on 126mm but is only for 7v so i`m looking for a 7v cassette, i will rebuild the wheels with modern rims ( since is for conmute i`ll choose clinchers over tubulars).
        Where is the “made in italy” written?
        mine only has “bianchi” on the rear triangle, i guess this is a asian made or even local (chile) made licensed bike

        1. Hola Cristian,

          I don’t think mine was produced in Italy, by the colour 🙂 Probably some Asian made as well, who knows? It only has “bianchi” on the rear triangle. I keep having problems with the rear tube deflating immediately. I tried changing both the tube and the tire, now I gave up riding it :(.

  2. Hey I just found the same bike in metallic grey online and I’m considering to buy it. Specs are just the same as you listed here. Did you finish the restauration, how is it doing, can you recommend it?

    1. Hi Marian! What a long time to reply, sorry for that. I didn’t really finish, but during the little time I could ride the bike I quite enjoyed it! Your comment makes me go back to it and renovating it :)!

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