Two days ago (2014-06-11) I talked to some guys from the LBS that had bikes let unlocked on the street. They told me I could take them, since they let them on the street on purpose: they are beyond (economically advantageous) repair or the customers never came back for them. My soul was aiming for a very old Crescent.

The first thing I noticed, apart from the beauty of the logo and the handle on the seat tube, was that the back wheel was ruined and stuck to the frame.

Some images of similar Crescent bikes here:
and some more information , in Swedish:

There are few components I look at when I want to date a bike (date as in find the year) is looking at components like: hubs, brakes, saddle. On this one, the hub indicates 1960. The same as my Rambler.

Crescent Pepita 1960
Crescent Pepita 1960, Velociped Aktiebolaget decals


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