I purchased this yellow Puch Bergmeister almost 3 years ago on a bidding site in Sweden.
Until now I didn’t have time to do anything with it, but I plan to clean it, fix everything and see if I use/sell it like it is or just transform it into a singlespeed.

Let’s have a look at the current condition of the bike, before anything else:

Puch Bergmeister
nice decals and the paint on the frame still looks decent
top tube decals on the Puch Bergmeister
top tube decals on the Puch, not perfect, but still OK



Puch Bergmeister


Rusty Puch Bergmeister handlebar

Famous Torpedo dreigang shifters 20160421_162711 20160421_162736


there are nice lugs on the frame, but also some screws that need replacement.
Rust on the fork, but easy to remove


Torpedo dreigang coaster break
a bit of cleaning of the torpedo dreigang coaster break. Just enough to read it clearly in an attempt to identify the bike
Puch Bergmeister frame number
Puch Bergmeister frame number


20160422_144312 20160422_144335 20160422_144448 20160422_145156


Puch Bergmeister

Puch Bergmeister


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  1. Hi
    I was wondering if you can supply some Puch Prima super 12 racer bike decals (stickers) as i am restoring this bike. I can send pictures if it helps

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