I bought a bike that was painted over, so I don’t know what model it is.

I was advised to try to guess it by the chainring, which is this one:

identify the chainring
identify the chainring

Since I had this in mind I noticed two announcements on the internet, two bikes featuring this chainring. However, for none of those the components are close to those on my bike

First is a Viner Pistoia that I found on Blocket

The other one was a Puch Bergmeister:s-l1600

I think today I found the answer to the question. The chain-ring is pretty common on DBS bikes, a Norwegian brand that sold quite a lot in Sweden, too. I noticed a DBS bike with exactly the same chainring ad similar components. Can be a DBS Winner or a similar model. Here is the bike I saw today:

Old DBS bicycle crankset
DBS bike chainring
DBS bicycle frame dropouts
DBS bicycle frame dropouts


DBS Bicycle

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