This old Husqvarna Bike was abandoned in a bike parking for many months.
I decided to give it another chance and bring it back to life.



I took a picture of the logo, is too cool to be ignored.

Other pictures of similar bikes:



Here are more pictures of the bike:

husqvarna bicycle headbadge


Huskvarna old Bicycle
Huskvarna old Bicycle, aprox. 1950

Update: the bike is now with the Police, since it was a bicycle I found abandoned. According to law, in Sweden you have to return found objects to police.

3 thoughts on “Husqvarna Bicycle 1950”

    1. Ciao Alberto! Spero stia bene ora. Non so quanto costa, ma mi piacerebbe rinnovarlo, non ho avuto tempo fino ad ora.
      Hi Alberto, sorry for the late answer! I hope you’re doing good in Italy. I have no idea about the price of a finely renovated one, but I will check. I’d like to put some time into renovating this one. Didn’t manage in such a long time to do it.

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