I noticed this ugly miyata one hundred on the street. Very similar, probably the same year as my Miyata 100. Is amazing how someone can transform a nice bicycle as the miyata into an ugly city bike with those mudguards, rack, crappy saddle, etc

Miyata one hundred
a miyata 100 on the street. unknown owner

2 thoughts on “Ugly Miyata 100”

  1. Those are the original mudguards and rack. Even the kickstand looks like the original one. In fact this bike looks pretty nice and and stock all the way, except for the lock and the bell. Saddle’s probably been changed at some point, but you can’t tell since it is covered.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Carlos! I didn’t know it used to be shipped with those mudguards and rack! It looked pretty unappealing to me 😉

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